Artisan: Polly and me - Afghan Clutches
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Playful and stylish clutches, coin purses and bags with colourful, hand-embroidered cotton featuring bold and whimsical patterns.
Polly and Me was co-founded by Australian sisters Cath and Ange Braid. The brand works to create income-generating opportunities for around 1,000 women across 19 collectives in the Chitral Valley. The sisters first visited Chitral in 2000 and identified an untapped potential in this rural community: the women. Partnering with a local non-governmental organization (NGO) to start a women’s embroidery collective, they established a social enterprise where female artisans could make hand-embroidered textiles for accessories. In the conservative mountainous communities of Chitral, there are very few socially acceptable work opportunities for women outside the home. Polly and Me is a shining example of bringing female artisans together and connecting them to outside markets.
Empowering women. “I feel like the president of Pakistan!” says Zaibonda, one of the women for whom joining an embroidery workshop has brought a level of economic freedom and renewed self-confidence.

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