Far + Wide is connecting worlds by pairing skills and market knowledge of international designers with craft producers in Afghanistan. Inspired by ancient jewelry from the Kabul bazaars, Far + Wide and North American artist, Kara Hamilton collaborated with four aspiring jewelry businesses from Turquoise Mountain in Afghanistan on a 12-piece exclusive bronze and lapis collection.


"Every piece is slightly different because it is handmade. It has no resemblance to a machine made product."
- Kara Hamilton


"My interest in this project was to see how the artisans interpret designs, not to try to give them designs they are familiar with (I am not a good appropriator). I was inspired by materials first and some aspects of process, but their hands changed everything."
- Kara Hamilton


Not only did the young jewelers in Afghanistan receive their first commercial order, they also got an opportunity to work with an international artist, gaining experience and exposure to new designs, techniques and trends.


Far + Wide partnered with Kara Hamilton, an experienced jewelry artist and Turquoise Mountain, a Kabul-based charity, to inspire a cross-cultural conversation resulting in this truly artisanal jewelry line.

Turquoise Mountain chose four artisan businesses from their recent graduates to work under the creative direction of Kara Hamilton. The design process went through many stages and was shaped in part by Kara’s vision, material available and the artisans’ skills and ideas.

To learn more about the process, background and impact of the collaboration on the artisans in Afghanistan, download the case study.

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Far + Wide is committed to bridging the gap for artisans in the developing countries by breaking the isolation and helping them connect to the global economy. We believe this is the most effective and sustainable way to build businesses and create better lives for artisans, their families and communities.

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