Sustainable Business Model

At Far + Wide Collective we believe that supporting small businesses and creating market access through trade is the most effective and sustainable way of improving people’s lives.
We have created a model where our partner artisans, craft businesses and organizations focus on creating the best and most unique products while we take care of getting the products to market. Through our global network we identify fair trade artisan communities in emerging economies who produce exotic home décor, jewelry and clothing/accessories from all over the globe. Some artisans already have well-designed and high-quality products but simply need market access; others have a product with potential but need quality control and business support; while still others have great skills but need design and production assistance, in addition to business support and market access. We are offering an Artisan Toolkit to help our partner artisans reach the quality standards they need to be market ready. 

We purchase the products from the artisans at their asking price – the difference between this price and the final retail price covers the cost of getting the product to market. These costs include freight, import duties, warehousing, packaging, marketing, customer service, sales and shipping. Profits are reinvested to help our artisan’s grow their businesses, as well as source new products and developing new artisans.

Far and Wide Collective Business Model