April 06, 2016


When Traditional Business Models Fail Economic Growth and Social Impact Are Held Back

After spending a week in deepest rural Kasigau, Kenya working with 800 women who are desperate to scale up production of beautiful baskets that are now flying off the shelves in major North American retail outlets, it has become clear to me that we need to rethink current traditional retail business paradigms, and the financing models that support them, if we are serious about including more marginalized producers in the global economy.

Craft is the second largest employer in developing economies after agriculture with millions of people – mostly women - operating, most often informally, in this sector.  Demand for handmade, authentic, well-designed products has never been stronger. Despite this the crafts sector is still not regarded as having serious business potential.  Instead it continues to be seen predominantly as a charitable endeavor.  As a result, it has not benefitted from the investment, supply chain and market access solutions now on offer for products like fair trade coffee.  For more than fifteen years coffee growers have had access to technical assistance, loans, grants, forward contacting and leasing products which have resulted in a tremendous increase in production and not least quality -- all of which have yielded much higher returns to farmers and coffee growers globally. These interventions along with the fair trade movement itself have resulted in growing consumer confidence and willingness to pay substantial premiums for high quality fairly traded coffee. It has become cool to drink fair trade coffee, with no questions asked.

Artisans producing beautiful handmade products – like the wonderful 800 women in Kasigau - deserve the same opportunity.  Given already fast growing demand, it is time to regard the crafts industry as both a business opportunity – one that not only offers a broader choice of high quality products, but also peace of mind and social purpose for consumers, and tremendous impact for the producers.  For this to happen the fragmented value chain supporting the craft industry has to be fixed and the appropriate players in the sector properly aligned.

At Far & Wide Collective we like to think big and small at the same time. With your help we can both support small business growth on the ground in places like Kasigau but also contribute to fixing the overall supply chain that is holding progress, access to markets and prosperity back for so many people.

December 14, 2015


Top Gift Guides featuring Far & Wide including a Holiday Giveaway!

Holiday season is one of the best times of the year for connecting the world's most exceptional artisans in developing economies to the international market. This year we're excited to share some holiday gift guides featuring our products that help support the many talented artisans we work with. 

We hope you find inspiration in some of them as well as participate in our Instagram Holiday Giveaway noted at the bottom of the post.


Time Magazine

'T's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide: objects, artifacts and treasures worthy of becoming icons of 21st-century design'

Honoured to have our very own Turquoise Mountain woodwork, walnut Jali 'Lattice' tray hand-carved in Afghanistan featured in this unique gift guide. 

Walnut Jali "Lattice" Tray - Afghanistan

Bon Appetit

'Guide to Giving Back: gifts you should feel good about buying'

Featured these beautiful, decorative charcoal and gold bowls that are handmade entirely from recycled newspapers in Swaziland. 

Charcoal & Gold Pulp Bowl - Swaziland


'100 Awesome Gift Ideas Under $100'

Who doesn't enjoy surprises? We certainly do. And we were pleased to see that this cotton Peruvian hand-woven pouch brightened WhoWhatWear's day and made their 'awesome' gift guide! 

Yellow & White Striped Pouch - Peru

What's Gaby Cooking

'Top 10 Gifts That Give Back'

Gaby calls this her "ultimate Christmas presents". Our handmade African baskets from Kenya made the list amongst other wonderful gift ideas! 

Top 10 Gifts that give back

Fiore Beauty

'Let's All Be Holiday Angels, K?'

A wonderful round up of online charitable organizations where you can donate funds or purchase an item that will make an impact in someone's life. 

Let's All Be Holiday Angels, K

Craft Whack

'5 Weeks of Gift Giving: Gifts That Give Back'

Fortunately our Otomi pillow from Mexico as well as baskets from Kenya made "the very best, most unique, beautifully designed gifts that are perfectly suited for their recipients" list.



Share your favourite Far & Wide holiday gifts with us!

Post a photo of your purchase or Far & Wide gift on Instagram* for a chance to win a Far & Wide gift card.

Far & Wide Instagram


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November 24, 2015


The Importance of Cyber Monday to Artisans in Emerging Economies

What does Cyber Monday, a North American retail concept, have to do with artisans and craftspeople in places like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kenya and other emerging economies? 

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November 16, 2015


Connecting Worlds: A Photo Story

See photos from artist and collaborator Kara Hamilton's recent trip to Afghanistan, where she helped recent Turquoise Mountain graduates bring her collection to life.

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November 16, 2015


Connecting Worlds with Kara Hamilton

Over the last six months, Far & Wide and Canadian artist, Kara Hamilton, collaborated with Kabul based charity, Turquoise Mountain and four newly established Afghan businesses to create a new jewelry collection. We are thrilled to launch this collection today with ELLE Canada

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September 29, 2015

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Traveling Far & Wide: Antigua, Guatemala

At Far & Wide Collective, we are always on the lookout for beautifully-crafted products made by artisans who can benefit from our support and development. Read about our COO, Anita Ramdas' recent trip to Guatamala.

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September 15, 2015


Traveling Far & Wide: Bamiyan, Afghanistan

Afghanistan - Far & Wide CollectiveDespina Papadapoulos, one of Far & Wide's partners in creating the Artisan Toolkitwas just in Bamiyan, Afghanistan on assignment from UNESCO. See some of the beautiful photos that Despina took on her trip here.

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