Artisan: Nylla Perveen Junejo - Handmade Quilts and Bags from Pakistan 
Quilts, bags and clothing
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Colourfully embellished quilts, bags and clothes crafted with artful stitching and locally produced, hand-block printed fabrics which have been organically dyed.


Nylla Perveen Junejo grew up in a low-income family in Lakana in South Pakistan. To care for her two daughters and her paralyzed brother she moved to Karachi where they lived in a small two-room apartment. Nylla worked for a company trading with machine-embellished products, but her wages were minimum and not enough to support her family. Last year Nylla met a representative from Entrepreneurship and Community Development Institute (ECDI) and was signed up for the USAID Entrepreneurs Project. As a result of this training she has opened up her own buying and trading house in Karachi, where she has trained, and now works with, more than 60 women doing embroidery and sticking work. She has not only increased her own earnings but also those of the women she works with dramatically. 


“I want to help under-privileged women make beautiful products reach markets in order to increase the living standard and life quality for them and their families."


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