Artisan: Nasreen Ismail - Scarves from Pakistan
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Bright and colourful, tie-dyed scarves made from local, hand-dyed cotton fabrics.
A wife and mother of seven children (six girls and a boy), Nasreen lives in the Badin District in Sindh Province in South Pakistan. Due to recent political and economic turmoil there, it has been very difficult for her to run her home, cover basic needs and ensure an education for children. Although her husband works with a local sugar mill as a Lord Officer, he does not earn enough to meet the family’s needs. Nasreen, who has excellent embroidery skills but no links with outside markets, recently became part of a small group of women who were trained in business and design skills. Nasreen’s group now sells their beautiful scarves, and Far & Wide Collective is their first buyer. She now makes enough money to help her husband support the family and send her children to school.
Economic independence. Nasreen says, “I used to earn not more than $10-$20 per month before I joined this small business. Now my income has more than doubled. I work in a group with other women like myself and I’m happy because now I can support my family with my husband and spend a healthy life.”

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