Artisan: Masoud Abdul Baqi - Handmade products from Afghanistan
Trays, trivets and coasters
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Intricate “jali”(lattice) trays, trivets and coasters hand-crafted using geometric patterns with small pieces of sustainable walnut.
Jali Master Masoud Abdul Baqi was born into a family of six children in Kabul in 1984, but spent the first ten years of his life in Pakistan during the Taliban regime. After returning to Afghanistan, he finished high school and then enrolled at the Turquoise Mountain Institute for Afghan Arts and Architecture. Although Masoud’s father is a craftsman, it was at Turquoise Mountain that he learned the art of jali screen making under an acclaimed master who previously worked for the late King Zahir Shah. Masoud is now an independent artisan and considered a jali master.

The wooden jali lattice screens used in old houses in Kabul to allow light to enter while preserving the privacy of the household. Masoud says, “I love designing and building jali screens. It is a particularly elegant and beautiful Afghan carving tradition. My hope is that we can bring Afghanistan’s traditional arts and rich culture to the world.”

Photo courtesy of Barbra Alink.

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Walnut Jali "Lattice" Tray - Afghanistan
Walnut Jali "Lattice" Tray - Afghanistan Sold Out - $250.00
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