Artisan: Khalil Hossein Haiderzada - Calligraphy from Afghanistan
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Rich calligraphy inspired by the classical works of the ancients but with an eye for contemporary, graphic lines.
Master calligrapher Khalil Hossein Haiderzada was born Herat, in Western Afghanistan, in 1958. He studied classical calligraphy at Herat University and later served many years as an apprentice to Master Calligrapher Mohammad Ali Atar Herawi. During the Taliban rule, Haiderzada and his family were offered asylum in Iran because of his artistic skills. Haiderzada has worked on calligraphy commissions for an important mosque in Mashad, in Northern Iran, and can work in all of the seven classical calligraphic scripts. After over 30 years as professor and teacher, he now works independently. He lives in Herat.
“I look to the great masters of the past for inspiration – with seven different classical calligraphy scripts, there are always new interpretations.” 

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