Artisan: Jindal Crafts - Indian Bangles
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Traditional and colourful wooden bangles featuring hand-painted scenes of local prints as well as iconic Liberty patterns.
Jindal Crafts was established in Faridabad in 2006. It is renowned for its many talented teams of dedicated and hand-working artisans. A modern organization, Jindal Crafts plans to help grow the Indian economy through one of the country’s biggest assets: its rich culture and talented artisans. These hand-painted bangles form a collaboration between Pakistani design and Indian craftsmanship. They are inspired by the traditional miniature paintings from Kashmir, a place that has been the source of much tension (even war) between the two countries since independence from British rule and partition in 1947. Typically these kinds of bangles are covered with local prints and sold to tourists in India.
Providing work for artisans in India. Jindal Crafts Manager Manoj Aggarwal explains, “Artisans here generally belong to a lower social class and are at an economic disadvantage. Jindal Crafts provides them work so they can maintain a reasonable life for themselves and support their families.”

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Carline Pink Bangles - India
Carline Pink Bangles - India from $15.00
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Edenham Black Bangles - India
Edenham Black Bangles - India from $15.00
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Floral Bangles - India
Floral Bangles - India from $15.00
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Nina Blue Bangles - India
Nina Blue Bangles - India from $15.00
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Poppy Blue Bangles - India
Poppy Blue Bangles - India from $15.00
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Poppy Grey Bangles - India
Poppy Grey Bangles - India from $15.00
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Spotted Bangles - India
Spotted Bangles - India from $15.00
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