Artisan: Javid Noori - Afghan Jewelry
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Handmade jewelry crafted from indigenous gems, including tumbled rubies and the world-famous Afghan lapis lazuli.
Javid was born in Kabul in 1976 and learned the art of jewelry from watching his father, who began the family jewelry business in the 1950s. Javid learned where the best gems in Afghanistan are mined and he began making his own jewelry when he was a teenager. However, in 1993, the family fled to Karachi in Pakistan, where Javid received one year’s training in a jewelry academy. The family later formed the Noori Jewelry Corporation with business partner and friend Fawad. They returned to Afghanistan in 2002 after the fall of the Taliban, bringing all their machinery and equipment with them, making them one of the best-equipped workshops in Afghanistan. They run several workshops but Javid still finds time to teach, and deliberately give opportunities to new female graduates. He has collaborated with UK-based jewelry designer Pippa Small who created several of his collections.
“Emeralds,” says Javid. “They are my favourite stone because they have a special meaning in Afghanistan: whoever owns an emerald will remain true to their first and only love.”

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