Artisan: Cooperativa Doni Joy - Blankets and Pillows from Mexico

Hand-embroidered blankets and pillows


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Graphic and colourful floral and animal patterned embroidery symbolizing the Otomi people's connection to the natural world.


Commonly known as tenangos, this style of embroidery can be traced back to pre Aztec Meso-America with the symbolism and bold colours of the pieces reflecting the traditions and beliefs of the Otomi people. When an economic crisis caused by a severe drought in the 1960s devastated the predominantly subsistence farming region of the Tenango Valley, the women of the region looked to their rich artistic heritage as an alternative way to make a living. We work with a small and newly formed women's cooperative. The women were formally part of a larger group, but had to travel far from home to sell at larger markets. They now manage production and operate out of their homes.


Said to be inspired by the ancient wall paintings found in nearby caves of Tenango de Doria, these works of art narrate the history and everyday life of the artisans who create them.



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