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Rahim Walizada believes design is essential to rug making, but it should not dominate. His collection of contemporary rugs and accessories are hand-woven to display the true artistic impression of both colour and textile in this deeply historical craft.


Rahim Walizada comes from a large Afghan family that has been designing, weaving and selling carpets for generations. During the Taliban he lived in Peshawar, but is now back Kabul. His venture - Chuk Palu - offers a line of contemporary rugs and accessories hand-woven from handspun yarns.
In Afghanistan weaving is an expression of culture. Design is essential to rug making, but Rahim believes that it should not dominate, but allow the color and the wool quality to constitute an important part of the impression that the rug makes. He encourages his weavers to let the physical or tactile quality of the weaving technique show.
Rahim Walizada, is a major leader of a new movement in Afghanistan that seeks to bring folkloric craft tradition into the realm of high and contemporary art. 


For Rahim rug weaving is like contemporary painting – one rooted in traditional textile design.


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