Artisan: Alisher Rakhimov - Ceramic Bowls from Uzbekistan
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Ceramics inspired by historical shapes, animals, nature, colours and decorations.
Along with his father, Abbar, Alisher Rakhimov continues a family tradition. Their line of ceramicists dates from the 18th-century and their historical knowledge encompasses over 2,000 years of ceramics made in what is now Uzbekistan. During the Soviet Union’s seven-decade rule, regional crafts in its 15 republics largely declined. But since independence, ceramics have re-emerged as an important cultural export. Leading the renaissance, the Rakhimovs recently received the UNESCO Seal of Excellence. Now they are only waiting for an opportunity to reach a larger international audience.
“To innovate while preserving the rich history and traditions of the art of ceramics.”

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Small Ceramic Dipping Bowl - Multi-stripe - Uzbekistan
Small Ceramic Dipping Bowl - Multi-stripe - Uzbekistan $20.00
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