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ELLE Canada Exclusive on Artist Kara Hamilton’s Handcrafted Jewelry Collaboration with Four New Afghan Businesses

Our world is small – or at least the circles we travel in are. Most North Americans can easily communicate with individuals across the globe or travel to obscure destinations within a matter of hours. Despite incredible technological progress, there are still places that are hard to get to, products that are not easy to buy and people with whom we struggle to connect. At Far & Wide we are determined to cross that last frontier and take our customers with us!

Over the last six months, Far & Wide and Canadian artist, Kara Hamilton, collaborated with Kabul based charity, Turquoise Mountain and four newly established Afghan businesses to create a new jewelry collection. While the pieces are inspired by ancient Afghan designs, they have a contemporary look and feel to them. Today, we’re thrilled to launch this collection with ELLE Canada

Cover of ELLE Canada December 2015 Issue where our featured article, Hidden Gems by Christina Reynolds, appears on pages 174 and 175.

The two-page feature in the ELLE World section of the December 2015 issue highlights the full story of how the collaboration came to be. The result is a stunning 12-piece, bronze and lapis-lazuli collection that includes rings, chokers, earrings, bracelet cuffs and necklaces.

Featured here are the Oblong Lapis Studs, the Bronze Ring with  Oblong Lapis Stone, Bronze and Lapis Rings and the Lapis Plate Necklace.

Every piece in the collection is truly handcrafted; in fact, Kara admits that she sometimes had to advise the artisans to stop perfecting each piece to maintain individuality.

Nazila Jabari, jewelry maker in her workshop who produced the chokers, rings and some bracelets for the Kara Hamilton handmade collaboration.

The collaboration has offered valuable business insights and has resulted in several commercial orders to the artisans. But Kara also feels that the trip to Kabul impacted her in ways she had not expected:

“I know instinctively that craft and art and design are essential parts of life. But that became so much clearer to me when I was there - seeing that there is this currency to beauty, really.”

- Kara Hamilton in an excerpt from ELLE Canada’s ‘Hidden Gems’ feature by Christina Reynolds in December 2015 issue.

Kara Hamilton working with one of the Afghan artisans.

This collaboration is a continuation of Far & Wide’s dedication to connect artisans in emerging economies to the international market. As Hedvig Alexander, Founder of Far & Wide, was quoted in the article: “We are committed to working with artisans who don’t yet have a market to sell their goods.”

We’re excited to unveil the new handcrafted jewelry collection alongside Elle Canada and we hope you enjoy it. We encourage you to read the feature in the December 2015 issue (page 174 -175) and browse the collection. Each piece is a unique and meaningful holiday gift but above all, each purchase is bettering the lives of the artisans, their families and communities in a very impactful and sustainable way.

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Here are a few more shots of the finished pieces. You can shop the collection here, and see all of the shots of Kara and the artisans creating the pieces here.

Featuring the Oblong Lapis StudsBronze Ring with Oblong Lapis Stone and Bronze and Lapis Rings.

Featured here are the Silver Lapis Ear Cuff, the Diamond Shaped Lapis Studs, the Silver Hoops with Dangle Leaves and the Bronze and Lapis Charm Necklace

Featured here are the Bronze and Lapis Choker, the Bronze and Lapis Cuff and the Bronze and Lapis Rings

Shop the collection here.

Hedvig Christine Alexander
Hedvig Christine Alexander


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