Life's Turmoil - Afghanistan

Purchasing Turquoise Mountain supports entrepreneurship, small business growth and will help to strengthen the Afghan economy.
Artisan: Tamim Sahib Zader

The delicate curling floral motifs in this exquisite work derive from the decorative illumination found in traditional Persian miniature painting. Typically, illumination forms the decorative sections around important letters or blocks of text, or fills the margins as a colorful frame for the central image. Here however, the artist has made illumination the subject of the work, filling a central oval form with dense grey foliage. The restless patterns give a sense of continuous motion, never letting the eye rest, but tracing, as it were, life‰۪s constant turmoil.

Paper: 2-color silkscreen on white Arches Cover paper, 200gsm.
Dimensions: 28" h. x 21.5" w.
Edition of 100.


Turquoise Mountain

Afghanistan was once a great center of civilization found at the heart of the ‘silk road’. Their craft industry, a source of great pride for the Afghan people, suffered greatly after more than three decades of conflict and displacement. Turquoise Mountain trains a new generation...

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Turquoise Mountain - Afghan Jewelry and Home Decor

Type: Wall Art

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