Walnut Jali "Lattice" Tray - Afghanistan

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Artisan: Masoud Abdul Baqi

Sturdy and practical, this elegant Jali Lattice tray is hand-crafted from walnut, a durable, sustainable wood that is native to Afghanistan, and hand-finished with a thin layer of protective oil.

Wooden jali screens are traditionally found instead of windows in the old houses in Afghanistan, preserving privacy and sheltering inhabitants from the strong sunshine. Small pieces of walnut are fitted together by hand, traditionally without glue, into intricate geometric patterns.


Dimensions: 32cm x 48cm x 5cm


Masoud Abdul Baqi

Jali Master Masoud Abdul Baqi was born into a family of six children in Kabul in 1984, but spent the first ten years of his life in Pakistan during the Taliban regime. After returning to Afghanistan, he finished high school and then enrolled at the Turquoise... 

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Artisan: Masoud Abdul Baqi - Artisan: Masoud Abdul - Walnut Trays, Trivets and Coasters from Afghanistan

Type: Trays

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