Contemporary luxury beaded jewelry, made in Tanzania by Masaai Women and based on traditional Maasai beading techniques and design.

Founded in 2011 by Eszter Rabin, Sidai Designs is a non-profit organization that works completely with upcycled materials to create traditional and contemporary beaded earrings, necklaces and bracelets. When Eszter first visited Northern Tanzania in 2009, she fell in love with the beautiful beaded jewelry created by women and worn by everyone from a young age. Often illiterate and married by age 13, the women in the Maasai society are completely dependent on the men for income, yet they have incredible beading skills that could give them a chance for self-sufficiency. Thus, Sidai Designs was born.

Inspired by the symbolic cultural significance of the Maasai jewelry, each piece tells a story. Jewelry is an integral element of the Maasai identity and through their products, Sidai Designs endeavour to tell their stories and preserve the traditions of this unique tribe.

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