Artisan: Blue Diamond - Handmade products from Afghanistan
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Handmade brass rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets in intricate, geometric jali-inspired patterns embellished with locally sourced lapis lazuli, agate and kunzite.
After graduating from Turquoise Mountain Institute for Arts and Architecture’s jewelry and gem-cutting program in 2011, Habibullah, Ahmad Shafiq, Ahmad Shakeb and Nahibullah decided to set up their own small business. “We thought that there was an opportunity and took it” says Habibullah. “We want to create beautiful, modern jewellery that reflects traditional Afghan designs. To do so, they are collaborating with UK-based designer Hattie Richards who has created a contemporary collection using indigenous stones and patterns. Habibullah, the managing partner of Blue Diamond, adds “Through increasing my skills in my field each day I can feel that I’m headed somewhere, even if it’s in a small way, like making a small collection and selling it. My ambition is to revive the dying arts of Afghanistan and pass our skills to the next generation.”
Islamic jali “lattice” patterns, traditionally used as window screens to preserve privacy and filter light.

Products by this Artisan

Lattice Necklace - Afghanistan
Lattice Necklace - Afghanistan Sold Out - $195.00
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Square Lattice Pendant - Afghanistan
Square Lattice Pendant - Afghanistan $185.00
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Lattice Earrings - Afghanistan
Lattice Earrings - Afghanistan Sold Out - $95.00
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Occulus Ring - Afghanistan
Occulus Ring - Afghanistan $295.00
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Pipe Ring - Afghanistan
Pipe Ring - Afghanistan $230.00
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