Afghan Small Business Fund

Empower Afghan Artisans - Invest in Small Businesses.

Our Indiegogo Campaign - "Afghan Small Business Fund" - is now complete. Thanks to you we raised $8,650! This money will be used to complete the Artisan Toolkit, which will launch in Afghanistan, nation wide,  at the end of March. The funds will also allow us to make one smaller investment in an Afghan company. We will continue to grow the Afghan Small Business Fund beyond this Indiegogo campaign and hope that over time we can invest in many more companies, and support small crafts businesses to grow, create employment, and strengthen the Afghan economy.

We very much value your contributions and help in connecting artisans to markets - we can guarantee your money will be put to good use.

Demand for unique, handmade products is growing fast, worldwide. The crafts sector represents a huge opportunity for Afghan artisans. This is their chance to run their own businesses and to pursue larger markets, while supporting families and communities. Even those who never went to school can be successful. Skills are passed down through generations -- from mothers to daughters, from fathers to sons. Still, even talented artisans lack access to buyers. The problem? Isolation, lack of consumer information, insufficient business knowledge, inadequate product design, and, most crucially, limited credit and financing options.

This campaign is part of Far & Wide Collective’s efforts to bring more attention to what small craft businesses really need and give it to them. Our objective is to help grow small businesses and as a result include a whole new segment of artisans and producers from developing economies into the global economy.

Watch our video, visit our campaign and share this project. Every little bit counts - your contribution can go a long way!


Indiegogo Campaign - Empower Afghan Artisans