Your Impact

We are dedicated to connecting artisans in emerging economies to the international market. To include the many artisans excluded from traditional online retail, we have created an organizational support system. Our partner craftswomen and men need only to focus on creating the best and most unique products while we take care of getting them to you.

Business Support

The Artisan Toolkit is a richly illustrated training manual, using local cartoons and other visual cues to outline the value chain and show artisans the path to markets for their handmade products. The Toolkit will also be available in audio modules, which will be delivered through mobile phone networks, MP3 players, local radio or TV to ensure that it is accessible to artisans with low levels of literacy.

Design Support

 We recently traveled to Kenya to develop a new line of sisal products based on the very popular baskets from the If all goes well you will see new basket designs, doormats, runners and bags in the months to come. In Kenya we also spent much time putting a better system in place to help support the artisans on production, quality control and shipping.

Commitment to be Anywhere

This week we have been focused on South Sudan and are working on a new collection for a group of women who do beadwork. South Sudanese tribal dress is full of the most extraordinary bead work and the women have asked for designs that can help them sell commercially and bring money back to the devastated economy.