Artisan: Zarif Design - Afghan coats and jackets
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Tailored East-meets-West jackets made from locally woven fabrics finished with hand embroidery.
Zolaykha Sherzad was born in Kabul, Afghanistan where she lived until the age of ten. When the Soviets invaded in 1979, Zolaykha and her family were forced to flee and settled as political refugees in Switzerland. Trained as an architect, Zolaykha received her Masters in Architecture from the School of Architecture at the Federal Institute of Technology. In 2000, she founded School of Hope, a non-profit organization that has successfully rebuilt and supported primary and secondary schools in rural Afghanistan. In 2004, she started Zarif Design (Zarif means “precious” in Farsi) to help revive the Afghan artistic culture. Today Zarif Design employs 50 Afghan women and men who, from their homes and one workshop in the old city of Kabul, revive traditional Afghan textiles and create strikingly unique and magnificently finished jackets and coats.

“Zarif Design allows me to connect and give back.”

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