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Handmade sophisticated jewelry featuring precious and semiprecious stones, including tourmalines, lapis lazuli, rubies and emeralds which are left mostly uncut to reflecting an ancient and rustic Afghan tradition.
Shugufa Yousofzai is 28 years old, educated and grew up in a middle-class home first in Pakistan and then, after the fall of the Taliban, in Kabul. She is exactly the kind of Afghan woman Afghanistan needs: intelligent, hard-working, confident and business minded – a champion and role model for others. Shugufa has vast experience in jewelry production and has worked with international designers and local Afghan workshops on design and production for years. She has recently launched her own jewelry and gemstone business. A happily married mother of one who is now running her own business, Shugufa continues to have a large interest in helping others forward. She advises several Afghan Women Associations and businesses in Kabul on product development.
“My dream is to become a successful business woman. Afghanistan needs strong women and I want to be one of them.”

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