Together We Stand Collar - Afghanistan

Purchasing Turquoise Mountain supports entrepreneurship, small business growth and will help to strengthen the Afghan economy.

Artisan: Turquoise Mountain

Handmade by Turquoise Mountain artisans in Kabul and designed by Jenny Bird, these bold statement necklaces symbolize the power of craft and its ability to change lives in the economies in which they are created. Each piece is one of a kind and handmade from start to finish by one artisan.

  • Dimensions: pendant - 1.7" (4.2cm) diameter, 2.5" (6.4cm) long. collar - 5" (13cm) diameter.
  • Limited quantity available.
  • Materials: 18k gold plated brass and black tourmaline.

Turquoise Mountain

Afghanistan was once a great center of civilization found at the heart of the ‘silk road’. Their craft industry, a source of great pride for the Afghan people, suffered greatly after more than three decades of conflict and displacement. Turquoise Mountain trains a new generation...

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Turquoise Mountain - Afghan Jewelry and Home Decor

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