Artisan: Mahin Hussain - Handbags from Pakistan
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Colourful and classic-toned bags made from local leathers and textiles.
A local entrepreneur, Karachi-based Mahin Hussain is committed to supporting local artisans and passionate about her creative team. “The artisans are not my employees,” she says, “but, in fact, part of a creative community – a family business set up over 50 years ago. This business community is run by an Urdu-speaking family that has been screen-printing by hand for decades, and now they have a stitching unit made up of a small group of male artisans.” 
“I am a firm believer in giving back to the society. I was born and raised in Pakistan. Artisans here are extremely skilled and, with the right direction, their handmade leather bags can gain international recognition.”

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