Artisan: Javid Mansoori - Ceramics from Afghanistan
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Istalifi pottery renowned for its distinctively beautiful turquoise colour.
Javid Mansoori grew up in the foothills of the Hindu Kush, in the famed pottery village of Istalif. Istalif had made beautiful turquoise pottery for over 400 years in an unbroken tradition, and Javid learnt from his father as his own father had done. However, with the advent of the Taliban much of the inherited skills were lost. Javid was fortunate in being able to study his craft at the Turquoise Mountain Institute for Traditional Art and Architecture in Kabul. After graduation, Javid returned to work in his father’s shop before setting up his own business.
“I chose to work with ceramics because of the traditional link with Istalif and my family. I enjoy designing original products which showcase the rich artistic heritage of Afghanistan.”

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