Artisan: Anjum Rana - Handmade products from Pakistan
Watering cans, small cups and vases
Style signature:
Functional, everyday objects adorned with colour and exuberant poetic and magical folkloric imagery.
Anjum Rana, founder of Tribal Truck Art grew up in the frontier province of Pakistan. She always loved the beautiful imagery and vibrant colors of Pakistan’s signature painted trucks and buses which are considered works of art and can take up to a full year to paint and decorate. Many years later, when she had a box painted by a truck artist, she knew she had found a way to preserve this cultural craft. Working closely with truck art painters for the past eight years, Anjum has helped them transfer their beautiful designs onto everyday objects connected to the lives of the truckers, such as lanterns, mugs, kettles and boxes. These works provide not only a new source of income, but also bring legitimacy to their art. From a single box, Tribal Truck Art now produces over 50 different hand-painted home accessories. Anjum has held exhibitions of these works in Pakistan, the UK and India, and managed a commission for hand-painted trucks for a UK film.
To celebrate the unrecognized talents of Pakistan’s truck artists.

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