Artisan: Abdul Aziz Isakov - Ikat pillows from Uzbekistan
Ikat fabrics
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Cotton or silk ikat fabrics hand-woven using a detailed 70-step process and featuring bold, centuries-old patterns and vibrant colours.
Abdul Aziz Isakov was born in the Fergana Valley in 1982. He learned the skill of weaving beautiful ikats as an apprentice under Rasuljon Mirzaahmedov in 1998, and has since become an independent weaver. Abdul is disabled and wears special boots to support his feet. He turned to weaving first as therapy – a way of training his feet. Abdul’s wife, with whom he has two children, is also disabled. He can often be heard singing Uzbek songs as he weaves, both to keep up his spirits and to celebrate the craft that eases his pain.
“To celebrate and continue the beauty of century-old traditions while making a living for me and my family.

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