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This Veterans’ Week - and Remembrance and Memorial Day - we at Far & Wide salute the armed forces. Without their commitment and sacrifice in Afghanistan and around the world many artisans would simply not have had the freedom to grow businesses and pursue their dreams. We believe that artisans are the foot soldiers of economic progress – crafts are still the second largest employer in most of the developing world - their success is our success. This week we remember those who gave their lives so that others – especially women – could get better ones!

Test your knowledge and complete the quiz below for a chance to win $200 worth of Far & Wide products! Share on twitter by using #farandwidecollective #ShowYouRemember and #ShowYourThanks in Canada and #memorialday in the US. Contest ends Friday, November 15, 2013. Send your answers to Good luck! 

1. Under the Taliban, education for women and girls was:

a) Of poor quality

b) Discouraged

c) Illegal

d) Well funded


2. The Battle of Panjwayi and Operation Medusa in 2006 prevented a Taliban recapture of:

a) Kabul

b) Lasgargar

c) Zherai

d) Kandahar


3. Under the Taliban, the following industry moved most of its production from Afghanistan to Pakistan:

a) Dried fruit

b) Carpet making

c) Opium poppies

d) Pomegranate


4. When Afghan defence reform began in 2004, there had been no regular Afghan army:

a) Since 1992

b) Since 1979

c) Since 1919

d) Ever


5. In the winter of 2001, the greatest threat to artisans across Afghanistan was:

a) The Taliban

b) Lack of market access

c) War lords

d) Famine


6. The Islamic arts arguably reached a modern apogee in:

a) 15th century Herat

b) 18th century Lahore

c) 17th century Istanbul

d) 18th century Isfahan


7. The main obstacles Afghan artisans face today are:

a) Lack of market access and information

b) No access to financing

c) Cost effective logistics

d) All of the above


8. The first major brigade-level land combat operation in NATO was led in 2006 by a:

a) US Marine Colonel

b) British General

c) Danish Rear-Admiral

d) Canadian Brigadier


9.The most successful single development program in modern Afghan history was:

a) Back to School

b) Road-building

c) Agriculture

d) The National Solidarity Program


10. Without the involvement of NATO forces, the following would not have taken place:

a) Elections

b) Nine million children in school

c) Defence and police reform

e) All of the above


Hedvig Christine Alexander
Hedvig Christine Alexander


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