Behind the scenes at F + W

It has been a very busy time here at Far & Wide Collective. Hedvig just returned from Kabul (exhausted but invigorated!) and we moved full-steam ahead with a two-day photo shoot last week for all of our new products for the Holiday shopping season. This, of course, on a shoe-string and completely understaffed! 

Just when we start to question why we are doing this again, we get this fantastic reminder from one of our very special collaborators who has been working with us in Kenya from the beginning. She writes:

"We have been working on some brilliant designs for the new jewellery collection - it is hard, tough and sometimes soul destroying! But then we were invited tonight by Mary, one of the ladies helping us to make the jewellery to see her new baby, Abigail, and seeing where she lived (in a tiny room in which she washes/cooks/sleeps/lives) made me realize exactly how much it is all worth it!"

We couldn't agree more.





Hedvig Christine Alexander
Hedvig Christine Alexander


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