Home Again

We are back home again after almost two weeks in Kabul where we left behind countless talented, eager and hardworking Afghan artisans. They need access to more market information, better designs and help with quality control. Once this is accomplished, they need access to markets.

There is no doubt that even a couple of larger buyers will make an incredible difference in some of these artisans' lives. We strongly believe that the consumer power of our advanced economies can anchor a new kind of economic stability and change people's lives in Afghanistan and other poor countries. If we direct even a fraction of our spending to products made by artisans it will make a huge difference. Artisans have a real comparative advantage when it comes to beautiful, unique and handmade products, and we stand to benefit enormously - not only from the beautiful products we buy but also from the stability that could come to these otherwise fragile societies. Please keep this in mind when you begin your holiday shopping.

Hedvig Christine Alexander
Hedvig Christine Alexander


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