What Does Success Look Like?

Today we met with another group of female artisans. Only a few of them had gone to school, and most were illiterate. We looked at their crafts and talked about how we might be able to help them to produce better and higher quality products. We asked them what their future aspirations were and what they thought success looked like.

The answers we got were unexpected. We discovered that for these women success means luck - like having nine children and being able to feed them, or getting married off to a kind man. To them, success is not something one can influence and try to achieve through hard work and ambition. Success is something that happens to you; faith or God's will. It struck me once again how differently women around the world are being raised and what an impact it has on their future. Where many of us are brought up to believe that pretty much anything is possible if you are persistent, driven and hard-working, still more are being told that there is nothing they can do to alter their path in life.

We have to try and change this! 

Hedvig Christine Alexander
Hedvig Christine Alexander


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