How it's Made: Quazi Design

Quazi Design is an innovative company based out of Swaziland that transforms old magazines into original accessories and home decor items. They are pushing the boundaries of the material they work with by developing interesting new techniques, including layering magazine pages to create the impression of wood, as if transforming the material back to its original form. 

These gorgeous bowls are made by breaking waste magazines down into a pulp and then moulding them into shape. They are then painted and sometimes finished with stitching, smoothed, or left rough for effect. 


At first glance, you might never know what these collar necklaces were made of. Each one is made by rolling magazine strips of similar colours into beads and gluing them onto a piece of fabric. The result is a stunning and unique piece that makes a statement. 


Similarly, these bangles by Quazi Design are made by layering strips of paper around a mould, gluing, and sanding them until they are smooth. They are then painted in bright and fashionable colours. 


This wonderful video from Quazi Design shows the artisans at work and really gives you a sense of their social mission, as well as the incredible things that magazines can be repurposed to make! 


Hedvig Christine Alexander
Hedvig Christine Alexander


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