Samira the Great

Notes from Hedvig & the Artisan Toolkit team's trip to Kabul. For more information about the toolkit, click here

Samira is a graduate from the Turquoise Mountain Institute for Architecture and Arts in Kabul, Afghanistan. She graduated in Calligraphy and Miniature painting three years ago and has since been busy building her career in this field. She has participated in a number of national and regional exhibitions and has been good at building sales locally. She is both an artist and a great business woman.

A few months ago a Mosque in Mecca wanted to commission a large number of very intricate calligraphy pieces. The calligraphers at Turquoise Mountain that had the skills to create calligraphy of this quality all knew that they could not manage a commission of this size. They decided that one of them should manage the commission, divide the work up, and make sure it was delivered on time. When it came to picking a manager, a group of more senior calligraphers - all men -  decided that Samira was the best person to manage the commission, negotiate on their behalf, and insure timely delivery.

We met Samira in Kabul two days before the commission was to be shipped off. She was very excited to show us the magnificent pieces, full of energy and confidence, and eager to talk about where the next possible commission could come from!


Hedvig Christine Alexander
Hedvig Christine Alexander


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