New Year - New Beautiful Crafts!

Did you begin 2014 with a resolution to be more wholesome? Eating better, exercising more and contributing to resolving some of our times' biggest challenges? If so we are right there with you - we will leave new and more nutritious dinners to all the great chefs out there and the exercise to a gym in your neighbourhood, but on making the world a better place by creating jobs in struggling communities in developing economies, we can help! Here are a few stories from some of our partner artisans:

Jewelry that builds business in Afghanistan - Shugufa Yousofzai has almost doubled the size of the business she started only two years ago. She now employs several artisans in her own workshop and supports her entire extended family. Her stud earrings were the #1 best seller for this holiday season.


Scarves that keep traditions alive in Afghanistan - Saleh Mohammad relaunched his silk weaving workshop in 2013 with a range of new colours and dyes. The last silk weaver in Kabul is now for the first time in decades growing his weaving business. The first order of his beautiful scarves sold out well before the holiday.


Baskets that create alternative revenues in Kenya - The weavers of Kasigai make beautiful baskets to make up for the losses in agriculture caused by elephants tramping through their fields. The baskets - colourful and practical - are a great success and we have just launched a larger size to accommodate toys, laundry, towels etc.!

Hedvig Christine Alexander
Hedvig Christine Alexander


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February 20, 2014

love the baskets!

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