The Artisan Toolkit

The holidays are a good time to reflect about the past year and think about what has to be done in the year to come! For Far & Wide Collective 2014, the focus will be on including many more of the incredibly talented artisans around the world who still have no access to markets and buyers. To help the artisans get more market-ready, we are working on an Artisan Toolkit for Afghan artisans in collaboration with Harakat Funds and The Export Promotion Agency in Afghanistan. It will be a heavily illustrated training manual that will work to give the artisans a solid understanding of what it means to create products - especially for international markets. The Artisan Toolkit will be accompanied by an audio version so that artisans with little or no level of literacy can also use it. The process kicked off in Kabul in October and is continuing in Toronto and New York. The Artisan Toolkit will be ready next summer!

Above: Despina and Kathleen immersed in Artisan Toolkit content.

Hedvig Christine Alexander
Hedvig Christine Alexander


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